Who we are

Welcome to the best High School

We started with a franchise of “Eurokids” brand in 2009 and things were going pretty good. We gathered plenty of experience in running successful academic sessions and helping lots of young minds pave out a brighter tomorrow. In 2015, after 6 amazing years of hard work with Eurokids, we decided to come up with our own school brand and we named it “Kids-World Play School”. Also, we moved our school to a bigger and better place to reach greater potentials. Currently, you can reach us at Kantalia, Opp. Creme Berry Bakes Post – Nibra, PS – Domjur, Howrah – 711409.
From 2020, we have taken a greater oath of providing a better impact on our students’ education and overall lives. We took our first initiative by changing our school name as “Clifton High School”. We follow the ICSE curriculum.
We pay close attention to the mental and physical well being of our students. That is why we take great care of their recreations and extra-curriculums besides the education system.
Just don’t take our words for it, you will be actually able to notice our well-decorated playground equipped with fun rides, swings, splash pool for the toddlers. Apart from that, we also feature indoor game activities like game zone filled up with colorful toys, cars and most importantly, a Junior Gym to initiate a fitness practice from a very early age.

From the Principal’s Desk:

Dear Parents,

CLIFTON HIGH SCHOOL, Howrah has made a firm niche for itself as an educational institution of great promise and

enviable standard. The merit of the students, the diligence of the teachers and the able support from the management

have ensured quite a meteoric rise for this young institution. I, therefore, consider my new responsibility as the Principal

of Clifton High School as a great privilege and honour.

I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that we, at Clifton High School are aware of the great faith entrusted

in us by parents to ensure the holistic growth of their wards in an environment that is joyful, caring, safe and stimulating.

The success of our initiatives rest as much in your support as in the earnest endeavours of our students and teachers.

I look forward to working in close association with all of you on behalf of the school and the students scale new heights

and forge new paths.

Thanks & regards.


Clifton High School, Howrah

Our Vision

The “Clifton High School” is a groundbreaking and innovative initiative taken by Sk. Julfikar Ali and the team. We are backed up by the great experience of working with the “Eurokids” brand. We aim to provide our students with an optimal learning environment and life- skills enrichment.

Our Mission

We aim to provide a professional development center for our faculty members and provide modern teaching methodologies that can help our learners as well. In a simple sentence, our initiatives can be seen as a holistic opportunity for both the students and the teachers.

Key Takeouts-

• Creative lessons help to boost the preschooler’s language, confidence, thinking ability, emotional capabilities.
• Dynamic and dramatic activities help the pre-schoolers to connect more with the world.
• Art and craft are foods for a young learner’s thought and soul. It encourages decision making and self-expression skills.

The primary features of our creative lessons

1. Multimedia Tools
New-gen students need to be tech-savvy. That’s why we have introduced training on multimedia tools from an initial stage. It allows the children to freely explore the advanced features of technologies loaded with a variety of interactive media experiences.

2. Interactive classes
Our educators make the most of today’s technology to engage young learners. As our young learners move through the steps and stages of some of the best apps, they learn new skills, develop more confidence and master the art of creative concepts.

3. Computer Education-
We, at Clifton High School, believe in letting our young students develop computer skills while they are young. We have observed that new-gen preschoolers often respond well to interactive videos, images and applications. The earlier a child is introduced to the use of technological gadgets, the better he/ she will be prepared for coping with the career demands of the upcoming future.

4. Spoken English-
Babies effortlessly learn English as they have the ability to catch-up with the foreign language. Being bilingual makes the preschoolers smarter. Even at an early age, a bilingual student shows a greater understanding of patterns, shapes and imagery. Considering all these facts, we focus on the students’ English reading, writing and speaking skills from the very initial stage of learning.

5. Free online training courses for the teachers-
We focus on not only our students but also on our teachers’ knowledge and advancement. That is why; we have arranged free online training modules for our teachers who join our team. Along with teaching the students, our teachers also get the scope to upgrade them with the help of our interactive training module.