Drawing and Paintings

Painting skills can be mastered at any age and we believe in starting from an early age. Every child should embrace the beauty of art and painting is the truest form of art. Painting skills can help your children to communicate and express their feelings and emotions with the use of different colors, shapes and even words. Learning to paint from a young age helps to develop a child’s mobility skills.

Gym for Toddlers

Fitness is important for every child in today’s lifestyle. Being physically active is a need for the whole life. Active kids will have stronger bones and muscles, leaner bodies, less risk of obesity, lower cholesterol levels and blood pressure and last but not the least, a better outlook on life. Having strong chores and muscles from young age also prevents one from future risks of accidents and diseases.

Splash Pool

Some fun time is required too! Our splash pools are completely safe and hygienic. We have a maintenance team who takes good care of the pool and changes the water, medicate the water every day. Plus, we have certified pool instructor taking good care of the toddlers whenever they are having some pool time! Your kids’ safety is our topmost priority.

Paper Art

Art is a form of living. Art should be there in every stage of life. Creative paper art is a great way to train young minds. This ancient art is quite playful and rewarding for the children. This practice is highly beneficial for the toddlers’ health, hand and eye co-ordination.